Director’s Message


Welcome To

Sardar Patel Computer Training Institute


(Mr.Dusyant Kumar)

Dear Students,

 I Welcome you to the Sardar Patel Computer Training Institute
 The top learning system is a unique and challenging mode of
education offered at the   word class education level.

 This system provides ample opportunities for those who to have
institution education.We   provide access to high quality computer
education to all those who seek it, irruptive     of age , region or
formal qualification. We are promoting and developing Information
Technology in India the help candidate to select the study center,
preferably of their   own choice.I promised to all student to provide
them world class education in the     Institute. All the labs &
laboratories are well equipped with all modern & High-Tech
equipments. Our institution of higher learning must generate new
knowledge &     transforming dreams into reality for our youth.

  I am sure our student can meet any demand & challenges. That the
employer may have on them.